Negotiating S106 Agreements

Our team was recently appointed by Brighton College (school) to advise on their Section 106 travel planning obligations for a new performing arts centre. The application for the new development, which includes a state of the art building, with a 400-seat theatre at its heart, is minded for approval, subject to the S106 being agreed / signed.

We have worked closely with the school and Council Officers to re-draft the S106 wording to be bespoke to the development in question, removing some particularly onerous requirements around measures and monitoring mechanisms and ensuring that the eventual commitments are both appropriate and likely to be effective in managing / minimising the traffic impact of the development.

All too often we inherit Travel Plans to implement that have been drafted by others, without thought to the cost implications / practicalities of doing so. Our team is experienced in understanding the detail of S106 agreements and planning conditions in relation to Travel Plan commitments (including advising on the suitability of public transport improvements, developer contributions to initiatives such as bus passes / bikes for residents and monitoring requirements).

We’re happy to provide informal advice so you don’t get stuck with an unnecessary bill further down the line.