Team TPS in the spotlight – Brian the office dog

Our latest Team TPS spotlight features Brian the office dog; he’s a regular visitor to TPS HQ and a valued member of the team, always up for a tickle and offering a timely distraction from Teams calls and Transport Assessments. Find out more about what he gets up to at TPS…

What does Brian get up to on a typical day in the office?

When he’s not trying to steal yesterday’s lunch left-overs from the office bins, or chewing a stick to bits five minutes after the cleaner has hoovered, Brian can typically be found napping under Georgina’s desk. He’s friends with anyone who comes into the office unless you dare to ring the office doorbell!

Tell us a bit more about Brian?

Brian is an 18-month old labradoodle and a total softie; he loves nothing more than laying on your feet while you work (often snoring loudly) or running around the office car park after a ball. Autumn is his favourite time of year, especially when he gets taken to the local park at lunchtime to chase leaves in the wind.

He likes to pretend that he’s not a fan of delivery drivers but wags his tail ferociously whilst barking at them; he has even managed to befriend the local postman who now brings him treats!

What does Brian like to do out of work?

Outside of the office, Brian loves a long walk and can often be found trying to carry sticks that are bigger than him or chasing after his much-loved frisbee. He’s also a sock-stealer, regularly sneaking them from the washing basket when he thinks he’s not being watched!