Team TPS in the spotlight – Louise Followell

In our new Team TPS spotlight post, we have Lousie Followell. Lou joined the team in early 2023 and has recently celebrated her 1-year team TPS anniversary! Lou is based down in the South West and spends her day working on our Residential Travel Plan projects through the Travel Choices programme. Find out more…

What is your role at TPS and how long have you been here?

I’ve been at TPS for just over a year now, after starting in January 2023, and I work on all things related to the implementation of Residential Travel Plans. I also help out with any odd administrative jobs for the team whenever it’s quiet on the residential side of things.

What do you get up to on a typical day at work?

It varies day to day, but in general, you’ll find me reviewing and updating content on our Travel Choices websites or travel guides, as well as researching and creating content for annual newsletters that go out to the majority of the developments we work with. Part of my role is also to organise getting the materials printed and distributed which is done in batches throughout the year.

Often, within these newsletters, there are incentives to try and get residents to travel more sustainably, be it by bike, public transport or car share, and it’s also my responsibility to manage the administration side of things related to these offers.

Every now and then I’ll work on monitoring reports for developments, organise traffic counts or tackle a bit of data analysis. Lots of little things!

Tell us something that your connections might be interested to know about you?

While I pretty much fell into my role in transport planning, I also, coincidentally, fell into the pattern of Sheffield Hallam graduates joining the TPS team. Although having studied Criminology and Psychology, my degree is pretty different to most within the office – and probably has something to do with how I relax outside of work.

What’s your favourite thing to have worked on in the last month?

I wouldn’t say there’s one thing in particular that has been my favourite, but I really enjoy seeing the end product of something we’ve worked on – like a newsletter or travel guide. There’s something really satisfying about seeing something you’ve worked on that started as an email or notes in ‘real life’.  

How do you wind down outside of work?

I’m a huuuge true crime fan. I know that’s pretty cliché at the minute (Dahmer on Netflix, anyone?), but I’ve honestly been fascinated for as long as I can remember and genuinely find it relaxing watching documentaries and films/series, listening to podcasts or reading up on the subject.

On the flip side, we’re a house full of rugby fans, with my husband coaching and my two kids both playing for the local team, so every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, you’ll find me pitch-side (for my sins). Having been born and raised in Northampton, we support the Saints – luckily, they’re not too shabby and are having a cracking season so far!