TPS Graphic Design Internship

Last week, we said goodbye to Shurahbeel Ahmed, our Graphic Design Intern. With support from West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Skills for Growth programme, the role was match-funded through the Santander Universities UK programme.

Shurry was with us for 8-weeks following his recent graduation from The University of Huddersfield and was a valued member of team TPS whilst he was with us. He was also crowned Electric Shuffle Champion on one of our team social events!

Before Shurry left us, we asked him a few questions about his time with us and his internship.

What have been the main day-to-day tasks that you have been involved with during your internship?

During my 8-week internship at TPS Consultants, my day-to-day tasks primarily involved implementing amendments to various travel guides, newsletters, posters, and survey postcards. These tasks were passed on by Heidi, Lou or Saff. Additionally, I had the opportunity to create icons for ParkLife events such as car-free day, coffee morning and cycling September.

Has there been one highlight during your internship? What project/piece of work have you particularly enjoyed working on?

Throughout my internship, I have enjoyed working on many projects. One of the highlights for me would be the car share flyers for various brands. This is because it allowed me to apply all the valuable guidance I received from Carl as he kind of left me to my own devices in figuring out the way to structure the flyer for each of the documents. There was an example to work off regarding content, but each brand has its own feel and identity in relation to style and structure. This was an exciting challenge that helped me identify the brand and how they like to showcase their work. Having identified these patterns I then implemented them into a well-structured flyer which I was proud of, and the team was happy with.

Another highlight was the Catch the Bus Month posters for a couple of different projects which was a similar process of integrating the brand guidelines and the outcome of it was positive. Moving away from the projects, of course, I can’t forget to mention becoming the shuffleboard champion at the team social event!

Have you enjoyed working with the team?

Yes, it has been a great experience working with the TPS team. It does help when there is a good system in place. Your peers are there to help you out when needed and everyone can work in a good flow. Special mention to Carl who has been a great help throughout this process and has guided me through certain obstacles. Also, to Heidi, Lou and Saff who have been organising everything and getting back to me with feedback in relation to the work being produced.
Overall, the team have been welcoming and it has been a healthy environment to work in.

Were there any challenges that you came against?

There were some challenges in getting to grips with the different software that is used, for example, working on an InDesign document but having to use Illustrator to edit a map that needed some changes. Also adapting to the work and understanding why you must deliver the product in accordance with the brand guidelines, which required attention to detail, something I developed in my time at TPS.

Is there anything you wish you’d known before the internship?

Not really because I came in with an open mind as it was an area that I did not know too much about, so it was more of a learning experience.

What new skills have you learnt?

Working in an office environment I have developed many soft skills such as communication, organisation, time management, working in a team and being adaptable.
On the technical side, I gained proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I also gained knowledge and insight into formatting materials such as newsletters, and brochures, ready for print. Working with Carl I have learnt essential principles of graphic design such as page layout, alignment, proportion, white space utilisation, balance, and positioning across pages.

Did your internship with TPS match your expectations?

This internship has not only matched but also exceeded my expectations. I have developed many valuable skills and knowledge along the way which are very beneficial for a work environment. I gained a deeper understanding of working within a team and using the process to improve the work being produced. The internship has given me the opportunity to build on soft skills as well as technical skills which I was expecting coming into an office environment. Carl’s mentorship helped me embrace the field of graphic design more swiftly as it was a new area I was delving into. Overall, I am happy with the experience, the people I have met along the way and the time I have spent at TPS, it has been really beneficial for me. I look forward to future opportunities for collaboration.

The whole team at TPS would like to thank Shurry for all his hard work during the 8-weeks spent with us. We wish you all the best for your future career!