A photograph of a new housing development built by Bloor Homes

Modeshift STARS Accreditation secured for Bloor Homes

We are delighted that two sites where we are appointed as Travel Plan Coordinator on behalf of Bloor Homes have been awarded the Modeshift STARS Bronze Accreditation, by Suffolk County Council.

Modeshift STARS is a national scheme recognising organisations that have shown excellence in promoting forms of active and sustainable travel. As more local authorities start to use Modeshift to develop and monitor developer travel planning requirements, our experience in achieving accreditation at multiple sites will enable us to support our clients in those regions.

We set objectives for each site, as follows:

  • To determine the range of travel options available to residents;
  • To maximise the use of sustainable travel modes amongst residents through effective promotion and engagement; and
  • To use suitable monitoring and reporting mechanisms to assess, overtime, the impact of measures within both Travel Plans.

We have delivered more than 10 sustainable travel initiatives at each development through our  package of measures, encouraging residents to leave the car at home in favour of walking, cycling and using public transport to undertake local journeys!

Our Travel Choices programme (the delivery of which facilitated us achieving the accreditation) includes development of bespoke travel information websites, travel guides, resident cycling / public transport voucher administration, personalised journey planning and annual monitoring and reporting. Find out more here or contact Saffron.allen@tpsconsultants.co.uk.