Photograph of a variety of different residential travel guides

Explore Your Travel Choices

Choices, choices, choices … that is what we all need in life, right?!

Well when it comes to transport planning, we certainly think so. If we are to move towards a less car dominated world it’s important that we all have access to a range of suitable travel choices which we can pick and choose from on a daily basis, as appropriate.

For some trips we may choose to walk, for some trips we may choose to cycle, and for some trips we may choose to use public transport. For many trips, we may still choose to travel by car. But without choices … well, what choice do we have.

That’s why TPS have launched our new Travel Choices brand, as part of an enhanced range of travel information literature and communication media delivered by our team.

Applied in a residential context to start with, our team will be working hard as part of our Travel Plan Coordinator service to ensure that residents are aware of their local travel choices. Over 20,000 homes across the UK will be receiving the latest information on local walking options, public transport services, cycling support, car clubs … and much much more. We’ll present the choices available, promote the benefits, and provide access to support and incentives to help people in the choices they make.

Information received through the door, including travel guides and newsletters, will be complemented by our Travel Choices websites, providing access to the latest online tools and information, at the click of a button.

Are you looking to improve or promote the travel choices available at your site? We’d love to help. Get in touch to find out how we support businesses, universities, developers, NHS trusts and more.