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Support for Iconic Sheffield Development Proposals

Working alongside Coda Architecture on behalf of developer Grantside, our team recently prepared a Transport Statement and Travel Plan in support of a planning application for the redevelopment of a site in the centre of Sheffield; a great opportunity to be involved in securing planning consent for an iconic development.

The development will replace an existing dated office development to provide an innovate carbon neutral building, combining ground floor retail uses with 9 storeys of office space above. It has been designed to incorporate features associated with improving physical and mental health for future residents and the broader community, making an important contribution to Sheffield City Council’s long-term ambitions to create a more sustainable and greener city centre.

Given the city centre location and excellent opportunities for sustainable travel that this affords future residents / visitors, the development is being brought forward without dedicated car parking facilities. Key to demonstrating the suitability of the project from a highways perspective was, therefore, being able to show that servicing could be achieved in a safe manner and that the (limited) demand for parking that might be generated, could be accommodated off-site. To this effect, we supplemented the TS with a Servicing Management Plan, to satisfy the requirements of the City Council.