Business Relocation Planning & Support

A business relocation can have significant impacts upon a workforce, and if not planned and managed properly it can also, therefore, have significant impacts upon a business. A workforce grows around a business, with people often living in a location from where they are happy to commute.

A relocation, even over just a small distance, can unsettle things in this respect. Does the workforce still have the same commuting options available to them, or will there be an increase in journey times and cost? Will staff leave, will your new site be able to accommodate parking demands, and what can you do to minimise negative impacts?

TPS support clients through the various stages of a workplace relocation.

At the outset we are able to advise upon the pro’s and con’s of different locations, helping a business to make informed decisions in relation to how commuting patterns and options may be affected. Workforce Accessibility Audit‘s are used to understand how travel times and distances may change, whilst staff travel surveys can help to gauge employee attitudes, preferences and concerns.

Having decided upon a location it is beneficial to develop a bespoke Travel Plan Strategy setting out the steps a business will take to influence travel choices, facilitate different commuting options, and support their employees pre and post relocation. An appropriate range of Travel Plan Measures can be put in place, tailored to the specific needs of the business and the challenges which may exist. Opportunity can also be taken of the period of change to introduce an appropriate Car Park Management Strategy, in support of the wider aims and objectives of the Travel Plan, and to aid the ongoing management of parking resources.

Having assisted with the preparation of a Travel Plan Strategy the TPS team are experienced in supporting clients to deliver the range of measures identified. Whether its the delivery of pre-relocation information sessions, taster public transport tickets or bespoke travel guides, we work closely as part of the client project team to minimise any negative impacts associated with a relocation, ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible.

To find out more about how we could support your relocation, and for examples of how we have supported others, please get in touch with our team.