An aerial photograph of a car park demonstrating a need for car park management strategies

Car Park Management Strategies

The need to reduce and/or manage car parking demand is a common challenge faced by organisations, large and small. Car parking can often be in short supply and, even where readily available, can be a costly facility to provide.

Whilst pro-active Travel Plan Strategies can help to reduce parking demand, through the provision and promotion of alternative non-car travel options, there is often a need to consider the introduction of related Car Park Management Strategies.

Car park management can come in many forms and be used to meet a range of aims and objectives. Whilst the most common approach is to adopt a simple ‘first come first served’ approach, much more complex solutions can sometimes be required to ensure parking demand is effectively managed. Parking can be allocated to reflect needs-based eligibility criteria, ‘cash out’ options can be introduced, and car park access can be time or day-restricted, making use of technology to reduce staffing implications and increase compliance.

At TPS our team is experienced in the preparation of Car Park Management Strategies for both public and private sector clients, of varying scales. We work closely with clients to understand the parking demand which exists, the complexity of the challenge, and the potential solutions which could be introduced. We identify and advise upon bespoke and innovative solutions, tailored to meet the aims and objectives of an individual project, considering costs, opportunities, and obstacles.

To discuss your project and how we could assist with your car parking challenges, please contact our friendly team.