Photograph of a grammar school

Support for School Expansions

TPS is currently providing highways advice for a number of school expansion projects across the country, including supporting clients PCMS (in Central Bedfordshire), Bailey Gardner (in the south east) and GNA (in the Midlands).

In August, we were delighted to learn that planning permission had been granted for conversion of Henlow Academy from a Middle School to a Secondary School, resulting in an increase of up to 180 pupils. Not only did we prepare the technical reports to accompany the planning application, we worked with the school to develop a Modeshift STARS compliant Travel Plan, as well as supporting with the detailed design of a 20mph zone, required by planning condition.

Following on from the success of the Henlow Academy application, we have been appointed to work with PCMS on a second school that is also to be expanded as part of Bedfordshire ‘Schools for the Future’ initiative. TPS will prepare the Transport Assessment and work with the school to develop a Travel Plan, as well as providing practical support and guidance to implement this.

With GNA, we are working on two school schemes in Birmingham and one in Banbury – all three projects have been progressed during lockdown, with applications now submitted or imminent.