Artist impression of flat complex in Leeds

TPS Support Proposals for 1,000 Flat ‘Mega Complex’ in Leeds

Having supported a number of successful applications for the redevelopment of land to the east of Leeds city centre, our team was appointed to prepare a detailed Transport Assessment and Travel Plan in relation to proposals to develop 1,000 flats on the former Marsh Lane Goods Yard.

The scheme, which will be known as Leeds City Village, has been designed to take advantage of its highly accessible location with low levels of car parking provision and strong pedestrian and cycle connections.

Whilst links from the development into the City Centre were strong, concerns were raised by the Council that low levels of on-site car parking could result in local on-street parking related issues. A carefully constructed case was therefore developed by our team, including the commissioning of an independent on-street car parking survey to demonstrate that the potential for a detrimental impact on local parking capacity was limited.

Working alongside Brewster Bye Architects and Rushbond, TPS provided advice throughout the planning process, including guidance on the overall masterplan to ensure priority was given to pedestrians and cyclists and internal car parking layouts are ‘workable’ in practice, with swept path analysis carried out, demonstrating that a range of vehicles could safely manoeuvre within the site.

As a consequence of the scheme’s location in relation to a number of key city centre routes, specifically Marsh Lane, New York Road and the A64, the impact of the development was assessed using TRANSYT software following a detailed distribution exercise, incorporating traffic assignment from the Leeds City Council SATURN model and on-site observations of traffic flows, queue lengths and signal timings.

TPS also prepared a Travel Plan to accompany the planning application, which detailed the developer’s strategy for managing the trips generated by the development, aimed at reducing reliance on the private motor vehicle and promoting more sustainable modes of travel, including the provision of on-site car club vehicles.