Golf Course – Transport Statement, Travel Plan and CTMP

Our Development Planning team supported the development proposals for a golf club in Buckinghamshire. As part of this, the team prepared a Transport Statement, Travel Plan and Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) for the extensive works. The development included an extension to the existing golf clubhouse, the addition of a day spa, a new building entrance and restaurant conservatory, 50 new holiday lodges, an overflow car park, plus landscaping and ancillary works.

The work undertaken by our Development Planning team focused on demonstrating accessibility by both public transport and active travel modes, whilst also acknowledging the rural nature of the site. The team adopted a first principles approach to demonstrate the anticipated trip generation of the holiday lodges and spa, alongside the existing golf use, based on information provided by the client.

The key success to this project was to demonstrate there was sufficient capacity to accommodate the uplifted car parking accumulation and overall site usage, especially during the peak summer period. Additionally, our team prepared a CTMP to set out the anticipated measures to be taken during the construction phase. More specifically, this included an indicative construction programme for the holiday lodges site and spa, vehicle routing plan (with optioneering) to minimise the impact on local residents, and the local highway network. The team also detailed strategies to reduce the impacts, tying in with the measures and resources available to staff and visitors, as set out in the Travel Plan.

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