Hyde Housing Corporate Travel Plan Strategy

TPS was appointed by Hyde Housing to develop a new Travel Plan Strategy for its 1200 employees, based at multiple locations around London and the south east. Our initial task was to undertake an online travel survey with staff, with a view to gaining insight into existing travel patterns for both commuting and business trips and identifying measures to reduce reliance on the private car.

Hyde Housing has an excellent track record of reducing and proactively managing the traffic impact of its operations, having implemented a number of initiatives over recent years. Part of our role, therefore, involved reviewing the progress of these activities and identifying opportunities to enhance them / supplement them moving forwards.

In order to ensure the content of the Travel Plan was aligned with the aspirations of Hyde and the measures therein were deliverable in practical and economic terms, we have been involved in lengthy discussions with the client.

The final Travel Plan complements the company’s wider environmental policy and is structured in a user-friendly manner, clearly linking the recommendations to the achievements of initiatives to date and the findings of the travel survey.

The Travel Plan has been prepared as a ‘glossy’ document, using infographics and images to convey information, rather than being a traditional text heavy document.