Lloyds Workplace Relocation Support

In 2019 Lloyds Bank were set to relocate around 1000 employees from their Chester city centre office to the Chester Business Park campus, following the purchase of MBNA and a subsequent office consolidation.

TPS, who are retained by Lloyds Bank were tasked with first understanding the implications of the relocation on commuter options and patterns, before preparing a strategy which would minimise any potential issues.

Relocating from a well connected city centre to an out of town business park comes with a common set of challenges. Commuting options can be reduced, whilst access to city centre parking supplies is withdrawn. Excess demand for limited parking spaces is often the most obvious concern, whilst a high turnover of staff is a less recognised but often more significant outcome.

Working closely with the Bank our team received a 100% response rate to a staff travel survey, used to understand the likely consequences of the relocation. The findings, along with a car park accumulation study across the Chester Business Park campus, allowed us to advise on likely parking issues and related solutions.

A strategy was subsequently presented to the client, outlining how staff could be supported pre and post relocation, with an aim of minimising and managing parking demands whilst maximising the range of practical and attractive travel options available to individuals. Through our ongoing role as Travel Plan Coordinator at the site TPS continue to support the Bank in rolling these measures out.