Supporting A Safe Return To The Workplace

With many organisations currently considering how to safely accommodate the return of people within the workplace, the first challenge is often how to actually get people to and from the workplace.  With current advice against the use of public transport or car sharing, for many organisations there is a growing concern around local area congestion and car parking demand exceeding supply.  From an individual perspective there are equal concerns associated with how to commute, in a time when some usual commuting patterns and options have been withdrawn or advised against.   

TPS is working with several organisations to first understand the impacts of COVID-19 in relation to the commute to work, before planning and delivering any necessary solutions. Beyond the overcoming of any short-term issues, it is also the ideal time to consider how any positive outcomes, such as increased levels of cycling, can be locked in.

Whilst these challenges and opportunities may be unexpected, our team has been able to quickly adapt the support we provide to clients.  Ways we are currently helping clients include:

  • Undertaking travel surveys, allowing us to understand how people intend on travelling when they return to work, and any individual challenges they may face;
  • Workforce accessibility audits, to understand how commuting options may have changed and to identify those who may be affected;
  • Planning the delivery of private bus services to meet workforce demands in a safe and efficient manner;
  • Cycle facility audits;
  • Preparation of business cases to support the introduction of new facilities at the workplace;
  • Design of bespoke travel guides and information materials, focused upon current travel options and advice;
  • Launch of, providing access to a free online travel information resource;
  • Preparation of ‘COVID-19 Travel Plan Strategies’, focused upon achievement of key short term aims and objectives.