University of Sheffield – Travel Plan Support

Prior to joining TPS, Director Rob Bettison was previously the Sustainable Transport Manager for the University of Sheffield. Since this point, Rob and our wider team have continued to support the University with a range of travel planning activities, including biennial staff and student travel surveys and the analysis and reporting of these. The latest survey results have been presented as a ‘glossy’ overview of findings, reflecting the University’s brand guidelines.

Alongside this, our in-house graphic designer has prepared a suite of travel information materials, including a new cycling guide for the main University Campus, as well as a more general travel information guide for its Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) at Sheffield Business Park.

Here we perform a dual role for both the University and the Business Park, as part of a broader commuter travel engagement programme that has been running for a number of years. This has seen us deliver an annual sustainable travel day in partnership with South Yorkshire PTE, along with specific commuter-focused activities and promotions.

In 2020 our support provided to the University was extended, through an appointment to fulfil the Travel Plan Coordinator role for the University’s newest AMRC site in Flintshire. This will see us guide the implementation of the (planning) approved Travel Plan by establishing a steering group with the various occupiers and delivering a range of measures for the benefit of staff across the different organisations.