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Commuter & Business Travel Carbon Assessments

Private transport is one the world’s biggest sources of greenhouse gases, with emissions rising every year. For many people, the journey to and from work are the bookends of the daily routine. But how we choose to travel to the office, to meetings, or even to the shops, is also one of the biggest day-to-day climate decisions we face.

Organisations are increasingly turning towards Travel Planning in an attempt to minimise transport based carbon emissions, covering both journeys to/from work, and journeys made whilst at work. A range of measures are being out in place to minimise use of the private car, in favour of more sustainable options where possible.

As part of this process it is important to understand the impacts these strategies are having. In relation to carbon emissions there is a need to first baseline the current travel related carbon footprint of an organisation, before monitoring and reporting upon any successes made through the delivery of Travel Plan Measures.  

Our team have extensive experience of undertaking Commuter and Business Travel Carbon Assessments, from the collection of relevant data, through to the accurate reporting of carbon emissions based upon the latest Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy conversion factors.

Whilst we have undertaken carbon assessments for a wide range of organisations and employers, the University sector is the most popular for this type of work.  Indeed within the HE sector we have extended our analysis to not only consider the carbon impact of daily commuting and business travel by staff and students, but also the impacts of travel undertaken by international students as the sector becomes more global.

Please contact our friendly team if you would like to understand more about how we could support your project, through the undertaking of commuter and business carbon assessments.